Still Standing Strong

Salam Ramadhan,

Sorry for the loooong hiatus. For those who followed my Facebook and IG account, you’ll know I just delivered a princess in March..

Enjoyed my confinement for 1 and a half month..since i hired confinement lady for my second confinement..and now enjoying my maternity leave til after raya..

Here, i share the photo of our latest edition.. Fatima Amsyar..

The latest photo of my first born..

And.. both of them chilling together..

Until my next post..adios!!


Mama’s Early Morning Doodles

Hye there lovelies,
This morning, right after waking up, baby firash took his drawing pad (i don’t know whether it’s call drawing pad) and asked me to draw bird..

And me, with lacking of drawing and doodling things draw my version of bird..
Seems satisfied, he then asked me to draw “miaw”..This refers to a cat..So..again..i drew my version of cat..

Let me share you my drawing

Looks like i need to go to an art class..

As for now, i need to prepare his lunch box..

So til next time..


Hello lovelies!

I’ve missed you and the blog so, so, much.

It’s been almost 2 years from my last post. Whoaaa…so long ago..

Reasons being.. I’m full handed with our little bundle of joy, Firash Amsyar. I’m coping up with the mommiehood world and still with a long distance marriage. So during weekdays, apart of my work as an Engineer, I’m a Momprenuer hoping to be a full time housewife soon and need to manage my little boyfriend alone.. (nahhh..with help from my parents and siblings..though)

But, I promise you this comeback will stay..

So do stay tune with my future posting..

Here I share with you my little boyfie photo.




Til next time.. Take care, lovelies!


love 1

Double Joy

It’s been awhile since i last updated my blog..then i was an expecting mother..and now..i’m a mother ..Alhamdulillah..i just gave birth two days ago..11.12.2015 at 2.05 am to be exact..i’ll share my pregnancy and delivery experience in my next posts insyaAllah..

As of today, 13.12.2015 marks my first year wedding double joy for me and LuvLuv..yippie..still a long way ahead of us..more journey to walk through..more obstacles to overcome..more love to share..more memories to capture..

So, our anniversary celebration will have to be posponed til after my confinement period..a vacation perhaps..*winks*

A note to LuvLuv

Dearest husband,

Happy 1st anniversary..thank u for all the things u’ve done for me..thanx for all the love u showered me with.. There’s still a long journey ahead..hope that we wont be tired with each other n hope that we can bear each other’s craziness..i’ll be by your side through thick n through thin insyaAllah..let our path be filled with all the greatest adventure..let’s experiment life together with our little buddy..and create beautiful memories..i love u!!

A short note to baby Firash

Dearest Firash Amsyar,

Welcome to the world are the best anniversary gift Allah sent for us..insyaAllah mama and ayah will give our best to raise you..may u grow healthily..have a bright future ahead and semoga jadi anak yang soleh..mama n ayah love u..mmuaahhh..

Til next time..ciao..

Congratulations Husband!!

Last weekend..i followed LuvLuv to a dart tournament organized by Bank Simpanan was held at Riverside Shopping Mall..i didn’t come for the group stage cos my family on my dad side had an annual hari raya qurban made my time to support him on the second round of the match..which is a knock off stage..

To be honest with you..i’m a little bit lost on this i am wondering..what excites them while throwing the darts..i came just to watch him bought lots of snacks to accompany me while giving my full support for LuvLuv..hehe..

LuvLuv in action at final stage..  

Alhamdulillah..Everything went well or should i say great for him as LuvLuv and his partner won the tournament.. Yahooo!!! ..i guess i am his lucky charm..*winks*


I’m very proud of you husband..and all the best for Malaysia Open..Sorry i can’t accompany you there..i’ll just pray for you from miles away..and..i guess my birthday present will come all the way from Kuala Lumpur..*grins*

And here’s me with the champion..

Til next time..ciao!!

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Liesa’s Dim Sum

I was introduced to Liesa’s dim sum by my cousin kak misah..she sent the photo of them to our whatsapp group..

Looking at the photo made me drool.. Naughty kak misah..sharing a delicious food photo during ramadhan..she even provide us with the number of that  dim sum seller..Liesa….

So i sent a message to Liesa to order some dim sum..but unfortunately..she told me that yesterday was the last day she take order before Hari Raya..that means no dim sum for me..pasrahh..*tears*

A moment later..i got a message from Liesa..telling me that she can make some extra dim sum since the filling is enough for another 2-3 sets of dim sum.. Yeayyyy *star jump* .. That is what we called Rezeki..Alhamdulillahhh..’s the dim sum that i brought from Liesa yesterday..she made delivery too..thank u Liesa..


There are two types of dim sum that she sells..fried dim sum and steam dim sum..i’ve tried both and they are if you’re in Kuhing..give this a won’t regret it..

Til next time..


Jong Crocodile Farm

This is a very late post!!..Actually i remember about it when i browse through photos from my phone..

I’ve been wanting to share with u guys on our visit to Jong Crocodile Farm right after we return home..but i’ve waited for the photos from LuvLuv and his niece..

We visit Jong Crocodile Farm on Labour Day holiday..My sister in law and her family were in town for the since their kids had been longing to go there..we brought them there..

I’ve been to Jong Crocodile Farm many times before and they are lots of improvement..

The new thing there is i get to touch a baby with baby croc..


But i don’t dare to hold it even though its mouth was i just pat its tail..hehe..

Then..on that day..i get to see a peacock with its beautiful feather wide open..


Beautiful isn’t it..or should i say handsome..cos as what i heard..male peacock will show its feather to attract female this peacock is a male..maybe he saw beautiful girls around..*grins*

Other than that..we get to watch the crocodile feeding’s a must watch show if u went there..the show start at 9 am and tool about half and hour..


So guys if you have the time when you visit Kuching, visit Jong Crocodile Farm..

Til next time..ciao!!